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Photograph animals in controlled conditions

Do you like wild animal photography? Then you know its challenging part: patience, persistence and, among other things, being lucky. Wildlife is fleeting and for a wildlife photographer there is little room for error.

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees you can photograph animals in controlled conditions. Sessions are completely private. A professional from our park will be at your disposal at all times. He/she will take the animals you want to photograph to the place of your choice.

This way you will get photos with a natural composition. In addition, you choose the animals and the time you want to spend on them to get the perfect photo.


  1. Benefits of Animal Photography
  2. Animals you can photograph
    • Photograph birds
    • Photograph mammals
  3. How it works
    • Options
      • Photograph wild animals in a natural environment
      • Photoshooting with models
      • Photograph your friends or family with animals
    • Schedule and duration
    • Price
  4. Animal photography as a Gift voucher

Benefits of Animal Photography

  1. The activity is completely private, we will be there just for you.
  2. You decide the duration of the photo shoot with the animals.
  3. You choose the animals you want to photograph.
  4. The change of day is free.
  5. Animal Photography is also available as a Gift Voucher.

And you can also bring up to 4 friends with you for the same price.

Animals you can photograph

Photograph night birds

Photographing scops owl owl
Scops owl
Photographing boreal owl
Boreal owl
Little owl
Photographing barn owl
Barn owl
Long-eared owl
Long eared owl
Photographing tawny owl
Tawny owl
Animal Photography with an eagle owl
Eagle owl

Photograph of diurnal birds of prey

Falcon photography
Peregrine falcon
Golden eagle
Animal photography kite
Black winged kite
Harriss Hawk
Common Kestrel
Steppe eagle
White Gyrfalcon


There is also the possibility of photographing mammals. But in this case we can’t get the mammals out of their facilities. To find out which mammals you can photograph, please take a look at the Animal Experience. They are the same.

How it works


The Animal Photography activity is available in three options:

  • Photograph wild animals in a natural environment
  • Photoshooting with models
  • Photograph your friends or family with animals. (The photos look great on Instagram.)

Schedule and duration of Animal Photography


Animal photography is planned as a 1-hour activity in our range of activities for the public. Please consult the current time schedule of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.


However, many photographers, both professional and animal photography enthusiasts, are looking for specific conditions. For example, light is very important for the final composition, and as a result, many photographers want to take advantage of the first hours of the day. Sometimes they are interested in having a flexible session length. Obviously, if you’re looking for the perfect animal photo, you can’t be in a hurry.

If this is your case, please contact us directly. We will adapt to your needs and requirements.

Animal Photography Price

The Animal Photography activity costs €50 per hour. Up to 5 people can participate without the price changing. If you want more people to come with you, there is an added price of €10 per person.

In case you want to extend the session we will charge you the proportional price. In other words: if you hire 1 hour but at the end you decide to extend with 1/4 hour more, you will pay: €50 + €12.50 (50/4) = €62.50

Please note that this price does not allow you free access to the Zoo of the Pyrenees . If you want to take advantage of the day to get to know all the animals that live in our refuge, choose from all the other activitieswe offer.

Animal photography as a Gift voucher

Want to give this experience to someone close? It could be a friend who is passionate about nature photography or someone who would appreciate having beautiful photos with animals on their Instagram profile. Check out the page where we clarify all the details about gifts of unique experiences with wild animals that we offer at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

Animal photography is an unforgettable gift for nature photography lovers. You can photograph the animals you want in the natural environment of each species. The session is completely private. This way you will have the time you need and the optimal conditions to get the perfect photo.

And as an added benefit, you will not only respect the code of ethics of wildlife photographers, but you will also actively help protect Spanish wildlife. All the profits from the tickets for the Animal Photography activity will go to the rescue fund of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation.