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Animal experience

The Animal Experience is a unique experience: it provides quality time and unforgettable memories for the whole family.

  • The duration of the animal experience is 1 hour.
  • You choose the animals that you want to get in touch with.
    • Mammals
    • Eagles and vultures
    • Falcons
    • Owls
  • You can take photos and videos throughout the activity.
  • A maximum of 5 people can participate per session.

The Animal experience is completely private, 100% tailored to your interests. A professional park educator will be at your disposal throughout the session: he will look after your safety and the welfare of the animals.

For whom is the Animal Experience suited for?

For what age is it recommended?

The animal experience is designed for adult visitors, teenagers and families with children from 5 years. Please have in mind that it is important to respect the rules of the experience to ensure animals well-being. It is also important to be patient so the animals feel comfortable about your visit.

However, since it is a personalized experience, you can also participate with younger children. Well though, according to our experience, for families with small children we recommend rather the Petting zoo.

Can children alone participate in the Animal Experience?

No. Parents or guardians must accompany the boys and girls. It is a FAMILY experience.

Which animals can you choose?


Accompanied by our educator you will enter the facilities of the animals where it is not possible to access in a normal visit.

  • You can feed the fallow deer and pet it. Maybe she’ll untie your shoes. We have no idea why she does it, but she loves it.
  • You can enter the house of red fox Nikki. In the beginning you will have to be patient. Nikki gets excited when she meets people she doesn’t know. Once she gets used to your presence, you can scratch her tummy.
  • For the brave ones! You can enter the wild boar home. There are 5 wild board living there, but only the «head of the flock», Ariel, will approach you. She usually lies on her back so you can scratch her hairy belly.
  • You can feed the roe deers. (It is available only in winter when the male Frac has no horns.)
Roe deer


Birds form an important part of our animal refuge. But not all animals are suitable for everyone. While some visitors want to interact with an eagle or a eagle owl, others might be frightened by their size.

We adapt to your requests. May be your guide will recommend you some animals according to his experience. The Animal Experience should be quite nice encounter with wild animals.

  • You can feed the griffin vultures from your hand.
  • Choose the owls you’d like to carry on your hand.
  • The brave ones can feed on the golden eagle Bella.
  • You can take a «family photo» where all the participants in the experiment carry a falcon or an owl.
  • You can hold the raven Phineas on your hand.
Experiència animal amb mussols
Curso de cetrería con aves rapaces
Falconry course
Experiència mussols

How does the Animal Experience work?

The animal experience has a duration of 1 hour. We recommend choosing a maximum of 4-5 animals.

Who chooses the animals?

You choose them. Just look at the animals we have available on the web and tell the educator when the activity starts. We recommend a maximum of 5 animals.

Isn’t it stressful for the animals?

The animals involved in this activity are specimens that have spent so much time in close contact with people that cannot return to nature. They do not recognize their specie. Contact and interaction with humans is essential to their social well-being.

All these animals are previously prepared for direct contact with our visitors. Getting in touch with strangers is a small challenge for them. Without these small challenges his life in captivity would be boring. At the same time, contact with them increases people’s awareness of wildlife problems.

Isn’t it dangerous for participants?

No. An expert in wildlife will accompany you throughout the session. Before coming into direct contact with each animal, he will explane you the basics that you need to keep in mind. It is important that you follow these directions.

What is the difference between the Petting zoo and the Animal Experience?

The Petting zoo is a standard activity. There are several families participating. The visitors are sitting in an enclosure and educators brings to them 9 animals. On the contrary, the Animal experience is private, exclusive and 100% adapted to you. You choose the animals and you enter the facilities where they live.

Sometimes we have babies and then you can feed them.

Price of the Animal Experience

The animal experience has a group price. The price does not change if 1 or 5 people take part in the activity.

  • Price: € 60 per group

If you have problems with the online purchase, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Number of participants per group: 1 – 5 people.

If children under the age of 13 take part in the activity, it is essential that they are accompanied by adults.

Cancellation and change of day

In case of rain, the Animal experience cannot take place. You can cancel the session and request a refund or a change of the date. Here you will find all the information: Refund and change of day

Animal experience is one of the most popular of our activities.
Places are often sold out.

Don’t fall asleep and book your place today.