Guided tour

Emotions on the surface during the guided tour
Get to know the animals of the refuge and their stories.

*The Zoo of the Pyrenees is a refuge for animals and can only be visited accompanied by a guide.
Participating in the guided tour is the only way to see all the animals.

What animals will you see during the guided tour arround the refuge?

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we rescue and liberate wild animals that have been injured or mistreated. But it is not always possible to return animals to nature.

Currently, 150 animals of 54 different species live permanently at the Zoo of the Pyrenees, almost all of them native to Catalonia.

Individuals who have spent their lives in captivity

Guided tour where you will meet humanized animals.

Nikki the fox spent her first 3 years of life in a private home.

Specimens with behavior altered by humans

Animals stolen from the nest that you will see during the guided tour.

The white stork Antonio has been stolen from the nest of his parents.

Animals with permanent injuries

During the guided tour you will see birds with amputated wings.

Red kite with an amputated wing due to a collision with an electric tower.

Animals with an advanced age

Old animals that you will see during the guided tour.

The blind European hedgehog Ramona with a very high age.

Freed animals

You will also see released wild animals during the guided tour.

You will also see some of the already released animals that have chosen to stay and live in the natural environment of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

Animals salvatges sobrevolen el refugi durant la visita guiada.

You will appreciate the natural beauty of the place.

Many wild animals, even endangered species, live around the Zoo of the Pyrenees.
The educator will be attentive to show you such emblematic animals
such as the bearded vulture, the golden eagle or the wild peregrine falcons
when they fly over the park.

How the Guided Tour works

For whom we recommend the Guided Tour?

All visitors to the zoo can take part in the Guided Tour without any age restrictions. The explanations are aimed at the adult audience.

Children can ask questions and the younger ones usually take advantage of the guided tour to observe the animals.

Schedule for the birds of prey show

Guided tour schedule

The guided tour lasts 1 hour. The schedule and frequency of guided tours varies slightly throughout the year. Please consult the current time schedule of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

Course for a private group

Number of participants of the guided tour

A maximum of 30 people can participate in each session. Sometimes we offer up to 3 Guided tours at the same time, if there are many visitors interested. In this way we ensure personalized attention between the educator and all the participants.

If you want a 100% personalized guided tour, you can contact us and ask for a private group guided tour.

Moreover, if you come during the week, when we usually do not have a large influx of visitors, it may happen that the guided tour is done only for you.

Price of the guided tour

Please, consult the Zoo of the Pyrenees Rates and Discounts.

Revenues from the Guided Tour are used for maintaining and improving the facilities of the animals that you will see during the activity.

La visita guiada al refugi d'animals salvatges

Language of the Guided Tour

We offer the Guided Tour in 5 languages:


Catalan is the current language at the Zoo of the Pyrenees. If visitors have no specific requirements, the guided tour is carried out in this language.


At 12:00 h there are two parallel Guided tours habitually: one is done in spanish and the other in catalan.

In addition, our visitors can always request that the educator performe the Guided Tour in spanish at other time shedules as well.

In this case, at the beginning of the activity the educator will clarify with all participants if everyone agrees to develop the visit in this language.

In case not everyone understands Spanish, the guided tour is done alternating the two languages equally.

English / German / Czech

Visitors who do not understand the official languages of our country can request a Guided Tour in one of these three languages.

In this case, however, it is necessary to give at least 1 day’s notice and we recommend hiring a private guided tour.

Participar en la visita guiada pot ser el teu primer pas per ajudar a la natura.

Many of the animals we care for are condemned to live a captive life because of people’s ignorance. Meeting these animals and getting to know their stories has a profound impact.

The problems they face can be solved.

Participating in the guided tour can be your first step to help nature.