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Visita guiada pel refugi d'animals salvatges a Catalunya.

We offer a Guided tour along the zoo area where the animals live several times a day. To ensure the well-being of the animals it is not possible to visit them without the company of our guide.

Our educator will accompany you and tell you curiosities about the animals we take care of. He will tell you the personal stories of each animal. He will also mention the particularcharacteristics of these species and their habits in nature.

The educators who guide the visit are vital members of the zoo team. They are wildlife keepers and members of the zoo’s veterinary department. They know very well all the animals. Take advantage of the Guided Tour and ask them any question that may intrigue you.

For whom we recommend the Guided Tour?

All visitors to the zoo can take part in the Guided Tour without any age restrictions. The explanations are aimed at the adult audience. Children usually observe the animals during the Guided tour.

Language of the Guided Tour

We offer the Guided Tour in 5 languages:


Catalan is the current language at the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Usually, if visitors do not have any specific requirements, the Guided Tour is conducted in that language.


At 12:00 h there are two parallel Guided tours habitually: one is done in spanish and the other in catalan. In addition, our visitors can always request that the educator performe the Guided Tour in spanish at other time shedule as well. At the beginning of any activity the educator always clarify with the participants if everyone understands the language. If not everyone understands spanish or catalan, a bilingual visit will take place.

English / German / Czech

Visitors who do not understand the official languages of our country can request a Guided Tour in one of these three languages. In this case, however, please notify us with 1 day in advance, at least. Obviously, not all educators speak all languages fluently. As a result, we need to change our planning to provide you with personalized attention in your languange.

How the Guided Tour works

Time schedule

The schedule and frequency of guided tours varies slightly throughout the year. Please consult the current time schedule of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.


The Guided tour lasts 1 hour.

Number of participants

A maximum of 25 people can participate in each tour. Sometimes we offer up to 3 Guided tours at the same time, if there are many visitors interested. In this way we ensure personalized attention between the educator and all the participants. However, if you would like a 100% personalized Guided Tour, you can contact us and request a Guided Tour for a closed group. In addition, if you come during the week, when we usually do not have a large influx of visitors, it may happen that the Guided Tour is carried out just for you.


Online purchase:

  • Adults €9 (13-77 years)
  • Children €6 (3-12 years)

If you need help with online shopping, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Purchase at the zoo ticket office:

  • Adults €10 (13-77 years)
  • Children €7 (3-12 years)

Free admission for infants 0-2 years old and for seniors over 78 years. For more information, please see the Zoo of the Pyrenees Prices and Discounts.

Revenues from the Guided Tour are used for maintaining and improving the facilities of the animals that you will see during the activity.

Animals que veuràs a llarg de la visita guiada.

What animals will you see along your way through the refuge?

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we rescue injured or abused wild animals. Unfortunately it is not always possible to return them to wildlife. Sometimes they must stay with us and we take care of them. Currently, 230 animals of 56 different species live at the Zoo of the Pyrenees, almost all of them are native to Spain.

Please be prepared to see:

  • Animals with permanent injuries.
  • Elderly animals.
  • Individuals who have spent their entire lives in captivity.
  • Specimens with behaviors alteredby humans.

You will also appreciate the natural beauty of the site of the Pyrenees. Many wild animals, even endangered species, live around the Zoo of the Pyrenees. The educator will be attentive to the sky and will show you such emblematic animals as the lammergeier, the golden eagle or the wild peregrine falcons when they fly over the park.

You will also see some recovered and released animals who have chosen to stay and live in the natural environment of the Zoo.

Zoo del Pirineu a Catalunya

It is important for us to show our work to the public. Many problems that these species are facing could be solved by raising awareness about the need of their protection. Many of the animals are doomed to life in captivity for livelong only due to ignorance of humans. Meeting these animals and getting to know their stories has a profound impact.

In addition, the information we provide to our visitors is a basic tool of knowledge. We hope to prevent that wild animals in need of shelter would keep arriving in such large numbers in the future.