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Offers and discounts at the Zoo of the Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain

Do you want to visit us but the ticket prices are too high for your current financial situation? Take advantage of the discounts and special offers to come and visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees in Catalonia.

We don’t want the money to be the reason for you not being able to visit our park. Choose the discount that works best for you.

Please remember that you cannot apply 2 different discounts at a time. Our visitors’ tickets are an essential part of our income so we can continue to help the animals.

Discounts on the ticket price

Punctual offer: We currently do not have any.

Offers available all year round

Large family discount

Large family
15% discount
Code: FamNom

Offers for single-parent families

Single-parent family
15% discount
Code: Fam1

Activities to which you can apply the discount

No discounts apply to other activities and experiences at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

How to apply the discount when you buy your tickets online?

If you need help buying tickets online we have prepared a detailed explanation with screenshots. It’s not complicated, don’t worry. In addition, on each page of a specific discount you will find an individual guide with a step-by-step explanation of how to apply the discount.

Conditions for applying discounts and offers

Accrediting document

On the day of your visit to the Zoo of the Pyrenees at the ticket office you must show the document proving your right to take advantage of the discount. If you do not bring it or if the document does not justify the discount for all visitors in your group you will have to pay the difference at the ticket office.

Discounts and offers are not cumulative

In other words, you can’t combine 2 types of discounts. For example, if you apply the Large Family discount, you cannot use the Youth Card discount at the same time.

Ofertes i descomptes en el Zoo del Pirineu, Catalunya

The Zoo of the Pyrenees offers a wide range of discounts.
You can also enjoy one-off offers.