Private group falconry course

Falconry course

For a totally unique experience, personalized and adapted to your level, we present the private group falconry course.

Perfect for people with medium level and expert level of falconry.

Private groups will always have the same price whether you are alone or accompanied.

Price per private group: €360


  1. You will receive 100% personalized attention.
    We will adapt the activities and planning to your interests and desires.
    Of course, always respecting the welfare of animals and safety regulations.
  2. It is the most economical option.
    For example: for 5 participants + 5 companions the normal price is €700. On the contrary, the price per private group is €360.
    You save €340, almost half the price!

In case you want to opt for a private group, please contact us. The website will not give you the option to reserve seats directly.