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Guide to the services of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

You will have at your disposal a wide variety of services to be able to comfortably enjoy your stay at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

  • Parking
  • Food services
    • Bar
    • Picnic area
    • Restaurants in the area
  • Souvenir shop
  • Toilettes
    • Diaper changer
  • Paths
    • With strollers
    • With wheelchair
  • Information
    • Smiley Services
  • Smoking area
  • Left-luggage office

You can benefit from all our services throughout the day. For example, if you have activities in the afternoon, you can come at noon and have lunch in the picnic area.


At the entrance of the zoo is a large car park for our visitors. There is enough space for cars, caravans and busses.


However, if you visit us by bus over a weekend or during the school holidays please let us know in advance. In this way we will be able to restrict a part of the car park for the large vehicle and thus ensure that it can enter and exit without any problems.

Specialized car parks

There is an area reserved for cars for people with disabilities and another specific area for motorbikes.


The Zoo of the Pyrenees does not currently have food services. There is a bar with hot and cold drinks, potatoes chips and ice cream.

Picnic area

You can take home food and enjoy our spacious picnic area. It is located in a grove. There is a convenient separation between the tables so that visitors have privacy to rest and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Restaurants in the area

Visitors who want to enjoy the typical food of the Solsonès can take advantage of the restaurant services in our area. You will find a guide to restaurants near the Zoo of the Pyrenees on this page: Where to eat

Souvenir shop

In the ticket office area you will find a shop with souvenirs related to animals and nature and also with items from artisans of our area. All proceeds from the sale of the store will go to the rescue fund of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation.

Area for children

Wow, what a surprise! At the Zoo of the Pyrenees you will not find any swings or slides ūüėČ . You are in nature. Take advantage of the resources that the forest gives you and use your imagination and creativity. The picnic area is within a forest. You will find pine cones, branches, pebbles, fallen trees, etc. What do you think? Will your sons and daughters be able to invent a pastime just as it was before the age of screens?

Services for families with children.


There are two areas with toilets, one of which is adapted for people with disabilities.

Diaper changer

The same toilet also has a diaper changer.

zoo paths


Paths along the wildlife refuge facilities can only be frequented on foot and accompanied by a guide. These are stony roads with a slight inclination. The entire route of the park is less than 1 km long and is equipped with benches to rest.

Children’s strollers

Many families attend the guided tour with a stroller.

Visitors in wheelchairs

We sincerely apologize, but currently the Guided tour around the refuge is not suitable for visitors in wheelchairs. There is no inconvenience in participating in the other activities, as with your car you can comfortably reach the space where the activities take place.

We are working hard to find an entity to help us cover the costs of building ramps along the entire route of the zoo. If you know of any company that may cover the costs that apply to this work, please contact us.


At the zoo ticket office you will find the information center. We will answer questions about the zoo but we can also help you find restaurants or recommend the best way to get home.

Animal-specific questions, please refer them to our educators.

Smiley Services

Greet the members of our crew before requesting information. They will thank you with a smile.

Services for smokers

Smoking area

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we have no specific restrictions for smokers. However, we ask that you respect other visitors and do not smoke near them. We also ask that you do not throw cigarette butts on the floor. We are the ones who have to pick it up later. Ask us for an ashtray, please.

Left-luggage office

The Zoo of the Pyrenees has no left-luggage office. Leave the things you don’t need in your car. You can get in and out of the park without any problems.