Bosque de navidad

Get ready for an adventure in the Christmas Forest,
where creativity, teamwork and love for animals are essential!
The whole family and the animals will enjoy this festive activity.

Take advantage of the magic of the season! From December to February you have this activity available. Don’t miss it!

Picto Christmas Forest

What is the Christmas Forest?

Together we will create edible ornaments and decorate the forest surrounding the refuge so that the wild animals that inhabit the area will have an easier access to food.

  • Decorative chains with fruit and vegetables to provide the birds with vitamins and sugars.
  • We will build safe bird feeders and fill them with high-fat treats.
  • We will decorate pine cones with food for the animals to feast on.
  • Equipped with the decorations we will go to decorate the tree to share the magic of Christmas with the wild animals.

Our expert guide will give you valuable information on what foods are good for them and what can cause them harm.
Let’s enjoy nature!

What should you know about the Christmas Forest?

Christmas Forest Schedule

Every weekend and during vacations
from 10:00 h – 11:00 h.

Availability of the Christmas Forest

Available only during December, January and February with a maximum capacity of 25 people.

Free tickets for the Christmas Forest

Free of charge for members, godparents and teamers, and people participating in the trinity of standard activities: Guided Tour, Birds of Prey Show and Petting Zoo

Christmas Forest Activity Price

A modest fee of €5 per person is required for those who do not belong to the above group. This price will cover the cost of acquiring the material.

What do you have to do to participate in the activity?

Members, godparents and teamers: send an email or WhatsApp requesting the activity.

Visitors participating in the three standard activities: in the same sales platform under «Special offers» you can get free places.

Other visitors: buy tickets on our website.

Bosque de Navidad para animales salvajes

Shine in the darkness of indifference that plagues our world. In man’s disconnection from nature, animals suffer during the months of scarce food. But you can show that you are not indifferent to their pain. Illuminate the paths that lead to the welfare of wild animals. Be their protector, their guardian, and nature will open up to you like a garden full of wonders.